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Sherwood, Brisbane

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  Between 10am & 6pm
Monday to Saturday


Plainland Jazz
Plainland Jazz

Meet Vance, playing every
Sunday at Plainlands


  About Doghouse Studio
Doghouse Studio has established a reputation for excellence in all facets of music recording and creation, not only in its Brisbane home but all over Australia and many other countries.

Vance Lendich

The director, Vance Lendich, has over 40 years of professional experience to call on, plus university studies in music and recording techniques. He has all the expertise of a working musician and singer, composer, arranger and lyricist, and combines these with the skills and knowledge of a recording engineer with computer expertise.

Arrangements, demos, printed charts, voiceovers, background music, covers for your CDs and DVDs - we can do it.


We can create midifile backing tracks from your own ORIGINAL material.

We do not and cannot promote your demos to agents, radio stations or record companies.

Please Note: We cannot sell you copies of midi files or karaoke backings of commercially available music.


Doghouse Studio is tucked away in a quiet suburban setting. A friendly, relaxed atmosphere is our aim. Appointments are required for recording sessions, so please ring.

Our home-base recording studio is comparatively small but will accommodate a four piece band plus singer. Larger combinations can be recorded in two or more sessions. We recently recorded a choir of 36 children in two sessions.

Please note: We do NOT have rehearsal or practice rooms available. Hours are Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

  Voiceovers, Poems & Speeches

Voice-overs, speeches, tutorials, lectures, talks, poems, yarns - have them professionally recorded in our studio.

A music background can also be incorporated, supplied by you or us. We also have a library of sound effects.

We can supply voice-over professionals - male, female or child as required.

  Worldwide Service

It doesn't matter where you live if you have access to email. Files can be sent to you no matter where you are. Click Contact or phone us for enquiries.

We have clients all over Australia, as well as the U.K., Europe, N.Z., Asia and the USA. Some of our recent work involved a well-known British actor holidaying in Australia, recording voiceovers and emailing the results to a film company in the U.K.

  CD Cover Design

Have some unique CD covers created for your original CDs by our designer. Covers, CD labels and tray inserts or any combination of these can be created.
Supply your own photos or artwork, or have a new design created just for you. We can also photograph you if required or choose images, typefaces and graphics from our collection.

See some CD cover examples here.

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